June 8th

PD Day Activities

                Students get to try Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media throughout the day.  Drop is welcome!

 June 9th   

Bus Fusion Activities

Tie Dye T-Shirts or Silk Screen special Bus fusion logo. $10 and includes t-shirt.

 June 16th              

Student Art Show and charity BBQ

                JB Arts will be open 1 full year and I want to say thank you to all the students who have worked very hard. If you or your child has done art they want to show off; bring it to JB Arts by June 14th.  Every dollar taken in will go directly to one of two charities. July 2nd             
 Summer Art Club Starts!!!

July 2nd

JB Arts summer camps run all 9 weeks.  You can choose to have your child in all day, all week; half days all week or even just drop in for the day! (Availability pending)  Students will have lots of fun learning about new art materials, techniques and being creative.  With new friends, trips to the park and outdoor classes; JB Arts is a great place to spent the summer.  Your child could sign up for all 9 weeks and not do the same project twice! (Unless requested 🙂  Maximum student enrolment is 20.  Register today.


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