Parent and Child Pumkin Carving

Parent and Child Pumpkin Carving, Glow in the Dark Silk Screen Trick o Treat Bags and Plaster Tombstones! 

October 27th or October 28th 3pm to 6pm.

Do you want the best pumpkin on the block?
Ever wanted to try and sculpt a pumpkin? 
Dream of the mess at someone else’s place?
Think of the Killer Pumpkin you could make at JB Arts!
Saturday October 27th 3-6pm or Sunday October 28th 3-6pm
Please Pre- Register, Space is Limited!
The first half of the program we carve pumpkins together. Bring your own pumpkin. 
Don’t worry I have lots of ideas and I will show you how to make an awesome pumpkin

What kind of pumpkin would you like to make?


The Second half parents and children split up to do their own activities. 
Children silk screen pillow cases to trick-o-treat; with glow in the dark paint. 
Parents get to make a plaster tombstone for the lawn.

PD Day Friday October 26th
day bookings or drop-ins welcome!

Spooky Drawings
Hanted Paintings
Poster Sized Monster Cartoons
Messy Mixed Media

New Classes Starting in November!

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