Classes and gallerys are now posted .

Thanks for a Great Summer Camp Season!

After 9 weeks of camp with an average of 25 kids a day and a total of 176 kids through the summer; 2 weeks later and I have finally finished cleaning the studio (well ok; it will never be completely clean!!!)  Please do not forget to pick up your children’s beautiful art.  All clay has been fired and is ready to go! Even if your child’s clay wasn’t glazed; you can still drop-in for an hour and paint it or paint it at home with any kind of paint you like. The longer you leave it; the less likely it is that you will pick it up.

Studio on a busy day

Classes and the art galleries have been updated.  Many classes start this week but I am flexible when you begin.

Click here: Adult classes

Click here: Adult Gallery

Click here: Children and Youth

Click here: Children and Youth Gallery

To register for classes online visit:

A New Employee at JB Arts!

Her name is Glenda and she is helping me around the studio so I can free up some time to develop, prep, and teach new classes.  Also she is going to help me extend store times and keep on top of administration duties. Come by and say hi!

Bookings outside the studio have already started…

Ask your child’s teacher about having JB arts at your school!
Schedule your murals and window paintings before the weather gets too cold.
Don’t forget about birthday parties!

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