Paper Puppet Animation 3 spots left!

Make your short film in a day with…

PROFESSIONAL stop motion animator Amanda Homeniukphoto

Get a quick idea of what you will be creating here:

The app for ipad is “stop motion studio”.
The app for android is “funmotion”.
The app for MS Surface is “Zoetrope”

Morning Session 10am – 12pm

Introduction to paper puppet animation
What is paper puppet animation?
How does animation work?
Let’s see some examples

Let’s give it a quick try!
Tech check
How to animate a bouncy ball (demo)
Make your ball and animate it!

Lunch 12pm – 1pmPaperPuppetAnimation

Afternoon Session 1pm – 4pm

Planning your animation
What is a storyboard? (demo)
Storyboarding your idea in 3 steps

Creating your Character
How to make a paper puppet (demo)
Making our puppets
Animation Production
Animation tips and tricks (demo)

Make your own movie!

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Gallery form last year’s workshop: