What are SMASH Books?

Combine a journal, an old-style scrapbook and a sketchbook and you’ve got the beginnings of a SMASH book. Add in your thoughts, fave quefb67e93e2536b78787f4e16f4224724[1]otes or pics, drawings, bits and pieces of memorabilia, decorative stuff and you’ve got it. Make it to record the progress of an upcoming project or event(renovations, wedding, vacation, fitness, baby…) or just for your everyday life.  

We’re running a program to give you ideas and get you started on your own SMASH book. You’ll get a nifty hardcover sketch book to embellish and get to use all our great stuff (a ton of Japanese washi tape, baker’s twine, specialty papers, stickers,  loads of pretty pens and markers, and more!)and take home cool accessories. And even better, we’ve got the room to spread out all this stuff and you don’t have to clean-up after!3c2825bc19bcf1279f4b19883fcde1c3[1]

Saturday May 10, 2014

1-4pm ages 6-12

4:30-7:30pm adult class

$50 per person (plus tax), all materials supplied  plus a goodie bag to go home with!


Thank you to the owners of these smash books I’ve used as examples. They can be found at: