Adult Classes

If you are starting at the very beginning or someone who has experience with art; you have something to learn at JB Arts. Through the variety of programs offered, unique techniques and freedom for creativity you will try a lot of new things.


Youth Classes

This is the best age to take art classes. Students are often very emotional, creative and ambitious. Many students come to JB Arts to help them improve their skills for portfolios, commissions, creative aspirations and for fun.

Children Classes

Let’s face it the world was built on creativity! Children can create the most amazing things given the opportunity and the right inspiration. This is a great chance to see what your child is interested in, experiment with new things and help build self-confidence by bringing home their creations. They also have lots of fun and make big messes too!

Parent and Child Classes

These are usually one time programs that offer a unique collaborative activity where adult and child create something together, Some good programs as example: Ukrainian Easter egg decorating, pumpkin carving, pottery wheel and much more. You can request a program specific to your interests.


Workshops are one-off activities which are usually project oriented. They could be a couple of hours to a day to several days. Workshops are often done by visiting artists, other professionals or seasonal projects.

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