Birthday Parties

Have an Art Birthday Party in Almonte!

Hundreds of kids have had a JB Arts birthday party. Who doesn’t like to get messy? Every child will get to try something new like; Silkscreen T-shirts. By the end of the party their projects should be dry ready to take home!

A list of 30 of the most popular activities

Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing, Clay & NEW activities!

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Your Venue or Ours!

You can have a JB Arts Birthday party at your venue or at the JB Arts School. Parties typically run Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

3 Parties to Choose From

Basic Party

The basic party is a one-hour activity. JB Arts provides all the materials for the project and clean up the mess at the end.

  • One to six participants is $80 and each additional participant is $10 extra +HST

Starter Party

The Starter Party is the most popular program. There is one hour of “class” time and one hour of “party time”.

JB Arts supplies everything needed for the activity and you (the patrons) supplies everything for the party. Most people bring pizza from Milano’s, cake and open presents. Depending on the number of participants, you might plan on a quick game to play too.

  • One to six participants is $140 and each additional participant is $10 extra +HST


The works is popular with older partiers aged 8+. The Works is a more involved activity and party. JB Arts also supplies most of the party amenities including a piñata with candy! You don’t have to worry about anything except cake, drinks, loot bags and birthday kid. Also included are plates, cutlery, balloons, candles and pictures of the event emailed to you after the party.

There is an hour and a half of “class time” and an hour and a half of “party time”

  • One to six participants is $190 and each additional participant is $15 extra +HST

In-house Parties

Every “in house” party will have available: invitations, fresh table cloths, a stereo with cd, mp3, dvd, and vinyl capacities. Feel free to arrive 15 minutes early set-up and take-down for any decorations you may wish to put up without feeling rushed. (If you need more time please just call ahead.)

What do you do next?

  1. Think of two possible dates for the party
  2. How many participants do you want to invite? Parents are welcome to join in the fun too if it’s ok with the birthday kid 🙂
  3. What project do you want to do?
  4. Do you want the Basic, Starter or WORKS party?
  5. Confirm the party information with JB Arts via phone, email or in person at the store and put down a $50 deposit.

That is it!

Phone: 613-220-3005
Address: 64 Mill Street, Downtown Almonte

Click here for printable brochure: Birthday Parties