Tri-Art Sludge Gesso

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Tri-Art Sludge is an economical alternative to both a neutral ground and neutral colour. It can be used in the place of gesso when a muted base is desired. Sludge is semi-opaque and although grey in tone, can be used in small quantities as an opacifier or medium toned colour extender. The thick Sludge has similar texture capabilities as a high viscosity acrylic colour, while the thin version is comparable to a liquid acrylic. Sludge has a light tooth, making it a suitable ground for mixed media applications. As this is paint made with 100% acrylic emulsion, it is comparable in character to other acrylics. It is highly adhesive to a variety of surfaces, dries to a water resistant, semi-gloss finish and can be easily applied with painting tools. Sludge is a neutral grey tone. No two batches are alike.

Tinted with 100% recycled waste pigments (tints vary with production). 2-3 coats are recommended. Cleans up with water.