Fall Adult 2023

JB Arts adult art classes are strongly centered around the idea that anyone with a little ambition, and a positive outlook, can make art.  You pick whichever medium speaks to you and with some practice, patience, and guidance we can help you better your skills technically, and explore many creative avenues. This is the core reason we offer so many different programs under one roof-to develop your creative ambitions at AT ANY LEVEL, and help you find what you love about art and creativity.  Let us help find your next artistic passion!

 JB Arts services over 150 regular students a week, typically 6-8 classes a day, and is open 7 days a week for retail art supplies.

All supplies are included with every class with an additional %15 off art supplies (excluding clay and glazes) while currently enrolled in JB Arts programming.

New this year-Adult daytime and evening classes have an extra 30-minute studio time to allow you to finish those last few brushstrokes, pottery handles or use the supplies a little longer and get that piece to feel more complete. Get the most of your time, finish at your leisure.

The primary teacher at JB Arts will be Jeff Banks along with several other fantastic artistic teachers.

Fall Schedule 2023