Fall Kids 2023

Kids love having fun, getting messy, and having the freedom to let their creative side out.  After a day at school, kids need that outlet that art can provide.  They will learn the skill of a visual language through drawing, painting, cartooning, crafts, mixed media, pottery, and art.  Nearly every class has a new project that builds skills, techniques and creativity through lessons, materials, and examples.  Come on in,  try out a class, see how excited your child is after they finish their first pieces and see the improvement after all 8 classes!  There is a reason that enrolment is at about 80% repeat students and some classes are sold out before enrolment begins.

JB Arts has been offering kids classes for 17 years and teaches over 2000 kids a year through classes, summer art club, school teachings, and special events through scouts, libraries, parties, and various other public events.

Fall Schedule 2023