Margaret Miller Workshop

Margaret Miller

Multi-media Artist Almonte, Ontario

Margaret is an artist, cat lover and business consultant in Almonte Ontario. An artist, instructor, and facilitator, she has a passion for creating art using colour and fibre. Using fabric, paper, paints, dyes, markers and incorporating elements of nature or recycled materials, she indulges in mixed media art and journal making for creative expression. Margaret has drawn and painted for most of her lifetime. She has experience in creating art and wearables with silk painting, quilting, stitching, rug hooking, felting, collage, pen and ink, watercolour and acrylic. Through her latest venture, “PinkCats Creative Journaling”, Margaret shares the practice of art journalling for personal expression, inspiration, motivation, grief, and gratitude. She teaches small group workshops and hosts a journaling club in Eastern Ontario.

Margaret can be reached at

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