Art Kits

We’ve made up some really fun art kits for kids (and adults too!).

Order online here: Kits here

With most kits we’ve already made and posted a how-to video on each activity.

Kits available:

**NEW Add-ons to kits  too!

Order online here: Kits here

Tie Dye

(Comes with 3 t-shirts!)

$32 (+HST)

Rod Puppet

$3 (+HST)

Rock Painting Basic

$24 (+HST)

Rock Painting Deluxe

(6 extra colours!)

$42 (+HST)

Puppet Heads

$25 (+HST)

Plaster Gauze

$30 (+HST)

Plaster Mask

$22 (+HST)

Flower Puppet

$25 (+HST)

Flower Buddy

$5 (+HST)

Finger Puppet

$3 (+HST)

Rabbit Puppet

$25 (+HST)

Bird House

$25 (+HST)

Bird Puppet

$25 (+HST)

Hand Cast

$8 (+HST)

Beeswax Candle

$12 (+HST)

Air Dry Clay

$6 (+HST)

3D Painting

$25 (+HST)

Speedball Deluxe block printing kit $88 (+HST)

Jolly Sign $12 (+HST)

Bracelet/Key Chain $10 (+HST)

Canvas Placemat and Fabric Marker $20 (+HST)

Snail Mail $45 (+HST)

Paint Add-on $12 (+HST)

Decorated Journal $18 (+HST)

Paint Pouring Kit $16 (+HST)

Cartooning/Comic Book Kit $20 (+HST)

Slinky Puppet Kit $15(+HST)

Marionette Puppet Kit $18(+HST)

Or email us at to order or get more info.