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Hello Clients, Customers, Parents, and Students,

This is a letter addressing the COVID-19 case we had at JB Arts Summer Art Club.

Monday August 24th, we had a parent (of a child in that week’s camp) call in at 2pm to say that there were symptoms of COVID-19 (a runny nose and being achy) in a family member in their household.  The child was picked up by another family member by 2:30pm. We then called the Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Health Unit as per protocol to notify them of the suspected COVID-19 case.  They returned our call and with a quick assessment deemed that we (the staff, children, and their households) were low risk due to JB Arts following COVID-19 procedures of distancing, masks, and cleaning.  We were told to watch for symptoms arising in anyone at the summer art club and get back to them. The parents were notified and everyone but the suspected case returned the next day.

The family that suspected COVID-19 got tested Tuesday August 25th. The parents got their results the next day – “positive” for COVID-19. The children got their results on Thursday, also “positive”. The health unit gave us a letter to give to parents of the children from that week stating that it was low risk for them to contract COVID-19 and to continue using proper protocols to reduce their risk.

Friday morning, I got a call from a mother of a child (from that week) saying they didn’t feel well and were staying home.  At that time, I didn’t feel comfortable running camp for the day, so I called each family with an update and cancelled. I decided to also cancel camp for the next week just to err on the side of caution.

The mother, daughter, and I got tested on Friday August 28th and came back with a “negative” on that Sunday.  The store was closed for that weekend and for the following week. Since then, the staff and all the families whose children attended that week of camp tested “negative” as well.

We resumed retail operations Friday, September 4th.

As for the fall we have planned great classes for adults, youth, and kids where we have timeslots to give us more time for clean-up and set-up between each class. Students are more spaced throughout the entire studio as it was in summer to allow for proper distancing as per the guidelines.

New for this year there will be a base price for each class which includes all the supplies for the program, or a rebate in gift card form if you purchase a kit or bring your own supplies.

Also new for the fall: Classes, Art Kits, Art Supplies and Gift Cards will be available through our new online store.

After our experience of the last week and a half, I would like to thank the health unit for their re-assurances and to my staff, summer art club parents and students for their patience and co-operation in getting tested and staying home. This event has given JB Arts more confidence proceeding into fall programs safely (and awesome-ly!!).


Jeff Banks

Covid-19 Measures JB Arts is Taking:

We are limiting our Summer Art Club to 8 kids a day and for one full week at a time (this will be their ‘cohort’ that week).

The kids and staff health will be monitored. We plan on taking temperatures at the beginning of the day and afternoon.

The kids will be spread out to ensure the social distancing guidelines set and maintain it throughout the day (during classes, break, and lunch, drop-offs, and pick-ups)

Masks will be worn by both staff and students

Frequent and proper hand washing will be mandatory. Hand sanitizer will be available but hand washing with soap is encouraged

The exit and entrance for the club will be at the rear of the building; their personal belongings will also be kept there. Drop-off and Pick-up is to be limited to one adult/parent/guardian and just outside the back door (there is a walkway, so no one must be in the parking lot unnecessarily)

We have a cleaner who will be both cleaning and sanitizing the washroom, surfaces, and high traffic areas every 2 hours (or more frequently as needed).

If a student shows signs of illness, immediately they will be further separated, and a parent/guardian will be called to pick them up. Our Health Unit will be notified of suspected symptoms; parents/guardians notified as well. If testing comes back positive classes will be cancelled for the rest of the week. Everyone registered during those times will be refunded less the deposit. Classes will resume for the following week if the staff tests negative for Covid-19.

This is some of what we carry…more added all the time! Check below for how to order

We are almost ready to have limited numbers of customers in the store. So, in the mean time, we are taking orders via email, phone, Facebook, and at our front door. We are currently operating Monday to Friday 9am-4pm. With hours and days increasing soon. Thank you for your continued support!