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We’ve made up some really fun art kits for kids (and adults too!).

With each kit we’ve already made and posted (or are in the process of) a how-to video on each activity.

Kits available: (=HST)

Rock Painting Kit – Deluxe Colours $42

Plaster Gauze Kit $30

Birdhouse $25

3D Painting $25

Foam Puppet Head $25

Rock Painting Kit – Basic Colours $24

Rolled Beeswax Candles $12

Air-Dry Clay $6

Flower Buddy $5

Bunny Kit $3

Rod Puppet $3

Finger Puppet $3

Order online here:

Or email us at to order or get more info.


Hello Everyone,

With much thought, conversation and ultimately demand, JB Arts has remained in operation. We have been offering curbside pick-up/ local delivery art supply service.

At first, we knew that the “art-school” side of our business was never considered an “essential service” so we started offering art kits! We NEVER expected such a huge response! (Honestly, I thought I’d be using this time to tidy the store from top to bottom or actually get time to do art).

We have sold-out most of our stock in one week with orders still coming in!  Luckily, for the moment, our major supplier is still in operation and we placed a large order of materials to make into custom kits.  The order should be here by the end of the week.

How it works (so far):  A client says which types of art they wish to try (or who they’re buying for) and gives us a budget to work within.  From there we assemble a kit of supplies that work well together; get your approval; receive an e-transfer; and package it up. We work out the delivery details and you should have your kit the next day!

Over 100 orders have gone out so far. We are so glad we continue to serve you.  Next to come is more YouTube tutorials that directly relate to the kits and web classes.

Some of the most popular kit themes:

  • Plaster gauze sculpture
  • Air-dry paper clay
  • Puppets: finger, rod, foam head
  • Painting: watercolour, acrylic, acrylic mediums, ink, 3D Painting
  • Drawing, oil, pastel, charcoal pencil
  • Birdhouses
  • Bees wax (rolled) candles
  • General crafting supplies

To come:

  • Tie-Dye kit
  • Origami paper
  • Postcards and blank cards with envelopes

Kits for Curb-Side Pick-up or Delivery

We are still putting together custom art kits for you! We have a new supply order on its way to restock some things we’re low on…some of the kits are still in-stock, others are about a week away and new ones coming very soon!

What are the kits like? We build to suit but have a few pre-made assortments


Finger Puppet & Rod Puppet Kits (examples below)
**All puppet kits are a surprise combo of colours/materials to embellish the included standard material

 Beeswax rolled candle kit  how-to video:  Click Here

Air-dry paper clay kits

Plaster Gauze Roll with paint & palette kit: video coming soon!

Plaster Gauze Roll with paint & palette kit: video coming soon!

3D Painting kit


Here’s how to order: you email us at, tell us some details of who the kit is for (age/interests/what they currently have). We put together some great stuff and give you the $ total. You E-transfer us. We’ll do curbside delivery to local addresses, or you can pick-up curbside just outside the store in Almonte.