In-School Programs

For Teachers and/or Educators

We offer art classes to all grades at your School. Some of our most popular classes are :

  • SILK SCREENING: Create your own design which you will silk-screen onto a T-Shirt (which you keep)
    SilkScreen Examples
  • HANDBUILDING POTTERY - You build it and we will fire it, return it to you to be glazed, then fired again. You keep your own food-safe handmade pottery! Bowls, sculpture, mugs . . .you choose.

These are just two of DOZENS of classes we offer. We are currently working on an amazing coursebook which will soon be available to you right here. This book will showcase the many varieties of courses we offer and the different grades they are offered to.


Although our course book is not yet available online, we are currently running classes in schools across Ottawa right now. Please CALL or EMAIL us for more information on

  • The areas we service and
  • The courses we offer for your grade.

This Catalogue is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but can be viewed by clicking below