10pc Sculpey Clay Pack

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Sculpey III has the same excellent handling qualities of Sculpey and Super Sculpey combined with the dimension of color. It maintains tooling and detailing, is easy to use and stays soft until you bake it. Available in a variety of colors that can be intermixed for even wider color possibilities. It bakes to hardness in a 275-degree Fahrenheit home oven in 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of the object. Once baked, Sculpey III takes on a matte, bisque-type finish. Ideal for sculpture, home decor, crafts and more.

10 piece includes:

  • Elephant Gray 1645
  • Hazelnut 1657
  • Suede Brown 1109
  • String Bean 1628
  • Emerald 323
  • Turquoise 505
  • Blue 063
  • Tan 301
  • Beige 093
  • White 001