Adult Art Club June 24th-28th

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This will be our very first Adult Art Club that will take place from June 24th-28th, 2024. 

We will divide students into groups of 10 where they will be doing at least 10 different projects within the week! We will work on certain projects during the day time and switch over to different ones in the afternoon. 

Those projects include: 

-pottery wheel

-glazing pottery

-clay hand building

-hand casts

-glass bowl

-large painting

-plein air painting

-watercolour painting

-drawing and sketching

-silk screen printing (t-shirts & tote bags)

We will also take day excursions to nearby sites to get some art inspiration (weather dependent)! 

Adult Art Club will start at 9am and run until 4pm with breaks in between. Bring packed lunch (NUT-FREE) and snacks.