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The Marks We Share: Learn the Basics of Lino Block Printing


All materials included.
You never need to purchase additional supplies for ANY of our classes.


Over the next eight weeks we will learn the basics of relief printmaking using a linoleum surface. We will explore mark making and how to utilize the lino carving tools to develop your own unique carving language. During the workshop you will learn the skills to ink up your cut lino block and how to get a successful print, by both hand and mechanical methods. By the end of the workshop you will have created an edition of hand pulled prints, ready for show, gift, or trade.


There are 2 timeslots for this class.

Day 1: Introductions, review of materials, safety review, and a look at a few artists and samples. Mark making; begin using the tools to have a better understanding of what each blade can do and what marks they make. Learning how to apply the tool and getting a feel for how it will translate on the lino.

Day 2: Ink day and visiting more mark making. Learning how to prepare our space for printing. Tear paper down into the needed sizes, inking and rolling the lino block, pressing techniques to get a good print, and clean up methods. Basic registration will be introduced.

 Day 3: Begin work on a second lino block. Ways to get the image on the block pre carve. Discuss carving approaches, and reflect on our mark making samples to guide us. (depending on class dynamic we can visit/revisit a few artist examples of contemporary block printing for inspiration)

Day 4: Continue to work on the block carvings, problem solve any troubles that arise (over cut, etc).

Day 5: If ready students can begin printing the block and tweeking them for editioning. (a light discussion of why printmakers edition and a general review of the code of print ethics)

Day 6/7: Continuing the edition printing. The class will essentially lead the direction of these two class. If we are ticking along I will be more than happy to introduce, playing with colours, multiple block printing, or hand coloured embellishments.

Day 8: Finishing prints: cleaning up edges, numbering, titling, and signing. If time allows we can so a bit of a show displaying the variety and discussion, and trade if desired.

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Number of Classes : 8

Max # Students : 8

Location : JB Arts -> Main Floor 


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* No classes are scheduled on the following days: October 10th, 31st