Adult - Pottery Wheel Level 2 ACA.F23.PW2 (Wednesday 7-9:30pm)

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Pottery Wheel Level 2(ACA.F23.PW2)

All materials included.
You never need to purchase additional supplies for ANY of our classes.

Next Enrollment Date :  FALL 2023 TERM Class starts Wednesday, September 20th

If classes are full, please CALL ( 613-256-9198) us to be added to the Waitlist


You have already taken 2 sessions at JB Arts or elsewhereYou can center, make cups, bowls and plates but want to try some different texturing methods, get better at shapes, try new projects and develop your decorating techniques… this is the class for you! 

We are focusing on more developed pots, texture, adding sculpture, decorations, finishing at different stages and a focus on more refined and unique pieces!  Glazing techniques and finishes practiced. 

At the moment pottery wheel is our most popular program!

 We take 5 students at a time and each student has their own wheel. 

We have one “training wheel’’: a custom 2-seater wheel meant to fast-track a student in their learning.  The student is on one side and the teacher on the other, holding your hand showing you what 'centre' feels like; how hard you should be lifting and how fast you should be controlling the wheel vs. the pot.

Students catch on much faster using this method and are making better pottery sooner. 

Expect to make 20 vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Things to consider: You will get dirty.  Closed toe shoes and closely trimmed fingernails are highly recommended.

How to Book

Download (print and sign) the waiver here: 

To save time, please email this completed form to 
Alternatively, you can bring it in before your first class.


Number of Classes : 9*

Max # Students : 5

Location : JB Arts -> Pottery Studio (Downstairs)

There is no "Shipping" cost, please ignore.

* No classes are scheduled on the following days: October 10th, 31st