Saturday, May 4th Watercolour Workshop - Watercolour On Synthetic Paper

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Join Colleen Gray at JB Arts on Saturday, May 4th from 10am-12pm for a super fun bookmark workshop!

Colleen Gray is an Indigenous artist who pours her life's story into her creations.  Colleen strongly believes that art has the power to help break isolation through supporting positive mental health and emotional release.  As founder of The Art For Aid Project, she collects art supplies to send to remote Canadian Indigenous schools.

JB Arts is proud to offer this workshop highlighting Colleen's expertise.  She has pioneered techniques for ground mineral watercolour painting on oil based synthetic paper. In this fascinating journey into the unpredictable nature of earth minerals and water, the reactive process can challenge even the most advanced artist.  Join us for an inspiring and engaging experience to learn more about this unique artistic expression.

Some examples of Colleen's work below: