David Langevin Professional Artist Collection

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This series features the best quality professional paints in both liquid and high viscosity formulas. This assortment of vivid single pigment colours allows for a wide range of effects from brilliant and luminous transparent and translucent colour effects (glazes and veils) using the liquid acrylics, to bold, crisp impasto passages with the high viscosity paints.  

The Liquid Acrylics are capable of very fine details, maintaining the impression of a brush stroke or creating smooth glowing layers of colour. 

The High Viscosity paints are the thickest consistency available which gives the painter the ability to create vibrant, striking effects and also to maintain the fidelity of a brushstroke; attributes normally associated with oil paints. 

All of the paints are single pigment formulas to maintain the maximum luminosity and brilliance of the colours.