Keight MacLean’s Acrylic Medium Experimentation Pack

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One of the greatest things about working in acrylic these days is all the options for experimentation driven by fun acrylic mediums! In this pack I’ve included a masking fluid that you can use to mask off areas of a painting while making a mess, crackle ground which will give you cool cracking effects in your painting (just be sure to apply it as a base layer, never on top!) and three different Re-harvested texture mediums!

I’ve used masking fluid in my work to keep a background clean, to leave areas untouched by spray paint and even to get crisp lines on gold leaf applications. Always make sure to do some tests with this to make sure that it won’t pull up your painting from the surface, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it can be a ton of fun!

Crackle ground is one of my all time favourite mediums and I use it a lot in my work. For best results, apply onto a well primed panel (this product doesn’t do so well on canvas or paper) pouring it on and gently smoothing out with a palette knife if needed. For smaller cracks apply thinly, for bigger cracks apply more thickly. There’s lots of fun experimentation to be done with this medium, just be sure not to apply it to a finished painting because it’s fully opaque when it dries!!!

The Re-harvested series from Tri-Art is one of the reasons I first fell in love with the company. These three texture mediums are unique and offer very different textures to your painting and they’re made of recycled materials! They can be mixed with some paint, painted over, or even just used as is for that added something to your painting.

I’m sure you’ll love playing with these mediums as much as I do and I hope they can inspire some really cool things! - Keight MacLean
Includes: 60mL Masking Fluid and 250mLs of Re-harvested Walnut Shell, Re-harvested Pete Plastic, Re-harvested Copper Cinder and Crackle Ground