Summer Art Club: Week 5 : July 31st - Aug 4th

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9 weeks of mess!
Book 1 week or book all 9 - Something new everyday

Every week of the summer brings new activities daily! Every day cycles around drawing, painting, cartooning and clay/mixed media. Within 5 days students will be able to get a diverse experience with a range of styles, techniques, mediums, subject matter- 9 weeks no repeats! We have lots of outdoor playtime, walks, games and movies to occupy break and snack-time. We have got this down to an art!

Please fill out this registration form in advance and email it to us. We will require your physical signature on the waiver.



You can fill this out on the first day of class HOWEVER, it gets very busy with longer wait times due to many parents choosing this option.

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What are "Add On's?"

We are busy designing/curating items at a discounted price to offer to your aspiring artists! We are not quite ready to roll out the products just yet, but they are coming! For those of you who have already purchased your spot, don't worry; you can still buy these optional items during the summer term.