Tri-Art Tech Style Fabric Painting Medium 120ml

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TechStyle is Tri-Art's acrylic fabric paint. There is a range of Lightfast, opaque, semi-opaque and transparent Artist quality colours. Sparkly Spectral Colours are added for design appeal. Ideal for application onto fabric due to the strong adhesion, flexibility and easy flow of the colours. They will not bleed (unless excessively diluted with water) and heat setting is not necessary. The Line includes Fabric Medium for extra adhesion and extending of colours. Colours may be thinned by adding water or by mixing with the Techstyle Medium which will maintain the gloss and adhesion qualities. Thinner applications are best when creating wearable art. For superior adhesion, 100% cotton fabric is recommended. Wash fabric prior to painting; then wash by hand, or in cold water on a gentle setting once paint has cured for 72 hours (environmental conditions may alter the curing time). TechStyle is best applied with a brush or extrusion applicator.