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About Jeff Banks

Jeff Banks, owner and operator of JB Arts, has been teaching children’s art programs for the past 14 years to thousands of students. These programs have reached students through Public, Catholic and private schools, summer camps, City run programs, libraries, and YMCA’s, home school groups, daycare’s and many other private venues. Jeff Banks now has his own business, teaching out of the JB Arts studio that has recently relocated in beautiful Downtown Almonte. In 2008 over 5000 students from Hamilton to Brampton had taken Jeff’s programs; many like the ones listed here. JB Arts is already starting the third year has already taught over 1000 students in the JB Arts facility, local Public and Catholic schools, special events and homeschool groups.

What has shown much success with schools has been a program that turns into an event! The program runs during the course of one week. Each student in the school would participate in a special art activity which your school does not normally offer. These activities would have a lesson plan promoting creativity and would range from 45 minutes to 2 hours long. Students would learn about the art medium through history and examples, and then by creating some art themselves. The goal is to give the students a memorable, creative and educational experience, as well as a piece of art which they and their parents can cherish for a lifetime. At the end of the week, the program could be opened up to the parents and community in the form of a school art fair, with all of the students’ artwork proudly displayed — an event to commemorate the students’ success.

Teachers can of course book just an individual class, grade for activities.

In the past, funding for these types of programs usually came from the school itself, parent/teacher associations, fundraisers or parent contributions. Unfortunately, the school board no longer permits staff to ask parents for compensation for such programming so, knowing the tight budgets that schools have, I have spoken with local community-based non-profit organizations that are willing to contribute a large portions or entire amount.

Thank you for your time, and together I hope we can put on a program the kids will remember!

Reasons to Hire JB Arts

  • A memorable, fun, educational experience for students
  • Different ways of conveying ideas through visual problem solving
  • Programs promote interaction with classmates
  • Everyone leaves with their own project
  • All materials are supplied
  • Two locations – your school or the JB Arts studio
  • Supplies purchased at a lower cost than most schools
  • Programs can be worked into the regular curriculum
  • JB Arts has been doing these programs for years
  • JB Arts can help provide funding for these activities
  • Involve the community with your school

We have a full brochure showing artworks completed by JB Arts students (ages 6 to 14) along with full details of the programs offered for your school. School Guide.

Student Art

Please click here to see pictures of students’ art.