Specialty Youth/Adult Weekend Workshops

Programs unlike anywhere else!

Monster Masks

Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm
AGES 10-14
Teacher: Jeff Banks

This is the MESSIEST program in the JB Arts roster (and maybe the most fun!) Kids will make a unique mask that fits their face perfectly, using techniques that they use in movies!

All materials included.
6 Weeks $220+ Tax
4 Students Max.


1:00pm – 3:00pm
Ages 10-14
Teacher: Jeff Banks

Want your kids out of the house creating awesome art with a hand-held 3D Printing tool instead of playing video games on a Saturday afternoon? How about the adult version of Lego? The first couple of weeks we work on projects with a Starter Pen model learning how to use and control it before getting the feel for a larger project. After a two week trial project we plan and create a more involved model anything from planes, cars buildings, animals, characters and so much more using the artist grade model.

All Materials Included
6 weeks. $220 +Tax
Max of 6 Students

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